How to delete Twitter likes: The Best app to delete Twitter likes at once

Do you want to delete all your Twitter likes at once? Are you looking for the best app to delete Twitter likes in bulk? Read on to solve your curiosity.

Twitter has more than 330 active million users monthly, and that’s not a surprise. We all live in the age of social media. We get to know about different news and recent incidents through social media platforms, mainly through Twitter trends. And our social media presence tells a lot about our personality.

If you want to know about someone, you are likely to hover over his social media profile. Right? It makes us cautious about how our own social media account looks at first sight . Our choices and likes change so regularly, and that’s so natural. Maybe that’s why you want to delete all your Twitter likes. Or you want to break your ex’s heart by unliking their tweets.

But whatever the reason might be, how boring and time-consuming is it to manually, unlike all your tweets? Right. But we have a solution. Wanna find it out?

There are many apps available these days intended to serve this purpose, but out of all those, Circleboom is one of the best apps that lets you delete your Twitter likes in bulk. To know why, let’s continue together!

The Best app to delete Twitter likes in bulk

Circleboom is a tool that manages your social media platforms, particularly your Twitter account. Circleboom can download and delete your 3200 recent likes at once. And you can also filter them out if you want to delete them selectively.

Circleboom was launched in December 2017. Since then, It has helped millions of users handle their social media accounts, especially Twitter. But here’s good news: Circleboom is making attempts to help you manage your other social media accounts as well, e.g., Instagram and Twitter.

Circleboom not only lets you unlike the tweets you have liked but also deletes the tweets, replies, and retweets in bulk. It helps you strengthen your social circle by providing you in-depth analytics of your followers.

In the era of social media, if you want to grow your brand and promote your business, social media management is a must for you. To reach and target the right audience, you need a tool like circleboom. By using circleboom smart search tools, you can flourish your brand by hitting the right audience.

How to unlike your Twitter likes in bulk by Circleboom?

If you want to have a fresh start in your life, especially after a breakup, you also have to refresh your social media account. You can use circleboom to, unlike the tweets you have liked, and delete replies, tweets, and retweets.

Here are the simple steps for deleting your Twitter likes in bulk.

●       Sign up

First, you need to sign up and authenticate Circleboom with your Twitter account. If you previously have an account, log in continue.

●       Select my tweets from the menu

Go to the Circleboom menu on the left side. Here, you will see an option, my tweets. Hit on that option.

●       Select unlike tweets:

Under “My Tweets” section, there will be, unlike, buttons. Hit that button.

●       Filter out the likes

If you don’t want to delete all your likes, you can filter the tweets you want to, unlike using the box located at the upper right corner of the list. You can type here any specific words or username, unlike particular tweets.

●       Unlike tweets

Now you can hit the “Unlike Selected” button if you want to, unlike selected tweets. If you wish to unlike all your tweets, choose the “Unlike all” button.

You can also read this ultimate guide to delete your Twitter likes at once. There are many crucial filters that you can use while you are deleting your Twitter likes in bulk.

What are other features Circleboom offers for the management of Twitter accounts?

Circleboom offers many other features that help you grow your Twitter account. Some of those are mentioned below:

●       Delete tweets and retweets

Circleboom offers premium users to delete all tweets and retweets. It includes replies as well.

●       Twitter Video downloader:

Circleboom offers you to download videos on Twitter, which otherwise is not a simple process. You have to copy the link of videos and download them by using third-party apps.

●       Schedule tweets:

Circleboom offers you to schedule up to 10000 articles within more than 300 categories. You can schedule and send tweets at the time you wanted by using a calendar to set the posting times.

●       Followers Insight

You can get to know spammers, fake and inactive accounts by using this feature. It lets you know about the insight of your follower.

●       User Analytics :

If you want to grow your brand on Twitter, this is a must feature for you. Using Circleboom user Analytics, you can keep track of the monthly, yearly, and weekly followers you have gained.

Still Have Questions?

Here we answered some of the questions that are frequently asked:

●       Is Circleboom secure to use?

Circleboom is a secure platform that does not share your information with third parties. They don’t even demand your username and password; you can access Circleboom through your Twitter account. For personalizing your Circleboom reports, they collect necessary data from your profile under the guidelines of Twitter.

●       Do they offer a trial period?

Yes, you can use Circleboom for trial purposes. They offer a lifetime free trial period, but with some limitations, e.g., you can get only unlike your recent 200 likes, and you can’t go unlike them in bulk. For unliking tweets at once, you have to upgrade your account.

●       How many tweets can I unlike with the premium version?

You can only unlike 3200 tweets at once you have recently liked. You can’t unlike more than 3200 tweets because of twitter’s official policy.

●       Will I be able to recover the likes I have unliked?

It’s a reversible process. Circleboom doesn’t offer recovering likes you have unliked. So if you are not sure about unliking tweets, stop and think about it first because you have to manually re-like the tweets if you unlike them once.

Final Verdict

Circleboom helps you manage your social media account efficiently. If you want to delete your Twitter likes in bulk, Circleboom matches your needs best. It lets you, unlike 3200 tweets at once. But you can’t re-like them once you have deleted them. It also offers deleting tweets and retweets, user analytics, followers insight, and schedule tweets. Boom your social circle with an all-in-one secure Twitter management tool like Circleboom!

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