Who unfollowed me on Twitter: The 13 Best Twitter management tools to see who unfollowed you on Twitter

Haven’t you ever asked yourself, “who unfollowed on Twitter”? If you wonder, several Twitter unfollow tools let you see who unfollowed you on Twitter.

Let us consider that you are new to Twitter or enhance your goals and want to get more Twitter followers. Once you aimed to increase your follower number, better you should consider your follower/following ratio. To attract your target audience and grow your number of followers, a healthy follower/following ratio is vital. That is why it is quite understandable to unfollow who has not followed back you on Twitter.

Moreover, unfollowing unfollowers, inactive, and spam accounts would let you search for new people who will give you a chance to build a unique engagement atmosphere. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to unfollow unfollowers, or other ‘useless’ Twitter accounts to create a clean and more active Twitter timeline.

The best Twitter tools to see who unfollowed you on Twitter

Here we have listed 13 Twitter management tools that provide service to see who unfollowed you on Twitter.

1) Circleboom

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Circleboom is an all-in-one Twitter management service that you fulfill many tasks on behalf of you on your Twitter account.

Circleboom provides you a detailed and up-to-date list of Twitter accounts who unfollowed you or those who are not following you back. Herein, solve the question, “who unfollowed me on Twitter” in your mind.

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You can benefit from the unique whitelist feature of Circleboom to save all Twitter accounts which you don’t want to unfollow even they are not following you back. Moreover, if you don’t want to unfollow a verified account, you uncheck the checkbox just over the search bar.

Alongside see who unfollowed you on Twitter and removing non-followers, you can easily detect spam, fake accounts, and eggheads to unfollow via Circleboom. Circlebom also lists inactive Twitter accounts to clean up your Twitter account.

Why Should I choose Circleboom?


Circleboom has many other feature to manage your Twitter account. You can delete old tweets, retweets, likes, and even Twitter archive in a few clicks.

A Twitter user always prefers to follow an account that shares the same field of interest. Via, Circleboom’s Interest Cloud, you can learn the insights of your target audience and followers. Thus, you would be able to produce specific contents that could appeal to your followers’ habits.

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Timing is another crucial point to be paid attention for successful growth on Twitter. The Best Time to Tweet analyzes your Twitter followers’ most active times. Herein, you can post your Tweets at the right Time, which bring higher engagement. Don’t forget; higher engagement lets you get more followers.

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For complete social media management, you should have a social media scheduler and publisher. Herein, Circleboom provides what you need. Via, Social Media Publisher of Circleboom, you can find and publish the unique content you find and create.

Alongside all these, Circleboom is a secure US-based social media management service which provides many corporate companies worldwide.

2) CrowdFire

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CrowdFire is also a useful Twitter management tool to find out who unfollowed you.

Via CrowdFire, you can sort accounts who are not following back and unfollowed you within some factors like date of following.

The free version of the tool is limited to 25 Twitter accounts. Circleboom is better than Crowdfire since Circleboom has more handy features then Crowdfire.

3) ManageFlitter

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ManageFiltter is another Twitter management tool that lets you see who unfollowed you on Twitter. But most of the features are not active now.

With ManageFlitter, you can see your followers’ bio, locations, and whether they followed you back or not.

Currently, they are no longer presenting an unfollow service. However, the app continues to provide a Twitter management service that lets you find who unfollowed you.

ManageFlitter’s price starts from $12 per month that is also not very high considering the other Twitter unfollow tools. But they don’t have annual plan with more affordable price.

4) iUnfollow

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iUnfollow is an active service that provides service as a Twitter unfollow tool.

iUnfollow lets you see who unfollowed you on Twitter and allows you to unfollow them back with a few steps.

iUnfollow is quite simple to use. You just log in and start unfollowing non-followers listed under different lists.

However, the free version of the service is limited again. You can only unfollow 50 accounts daily. This tool is not legit as above tools.

5) Tweepi

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Tweepi is an unfollow tool worth checking out if you are in need of a user-friendly Twitter unfollow tool to track and clean your twitter account.

The tool informs you when someone unfollowed you on Twitter.

Tweepi could also monitor inactive accounts or Twitter bots whom you may consider unfollowing. But theis customer service is not good.

6) Unfollowspy

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Unfollowspy is also a Twitter management tool that could troubleshoot the question, “who unfollowed me on Twitter.”

Via Unfollowspy, you can find out who unfollowed you on Twitter. After that, the app lets you create Twitter lists consist of those unfollowers. Through the Twitter List, you have created, you can unfollow them one by one.

Alongside that, you can track inactive accounts, Twitter bots, and spam accounts. I don’t trust this tool as much Circleboom.

7) App Unfollowers

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App Unfollowers is another third-party Twitter unfollow tool that only present unfollow service.

Nevertheless, it is a simple Twitter unfollow tool, and it let you find non-followers or unfollowers without any pain at all.

The best side of the tool is that you can log in and see who unfollowed you on Twitter without losing a second. There is also no need to create an account.

The daily limit of App Unfollower is 70 accounts.

8) UnTweeps

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UnTweeps is one of the oldest Twitter unfollow tools that goes back to 2009. If you prefer a simple and user-friendly interface, you would love UnTweeps.

UnTweeps allows you to see who unfollowed you on Twitter and unfollow them. Moreover, you can track the inactive account you follow.

Additionally, if you want to save accounts you wouldn’t want to unfollow, you can whitelist them to exclude from unfollowing.

9) Unfollower Stats

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Unfollower Stats is Twitter unfollow tool which presents a pleasant user experience. With Unfollower Stats;

Track who unfollowed you on Twitter and let you check your unfollowers . Force unfollow all your unfollowers. You can detect and remove the inactive accounts you follow for a better follower/following ratio.

10) SocialOomph

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Indeed, SocialOomph is a weird name for a social media management tool, but they provide a good service. With SocialOomph, you can check who unfollowed your Twitter and unfollow them back. The app also allows you to schedule your tweets and track hashtags for multiple Twitter accounts.

However, the free version has limited features to use. Also, it is a bit pricy and don’t worth to pay.

11) Who Unfollowed Me

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Who Unfollowed Me wipe out the question, “who unfollowed me on Twitter” in your mind and shows you who unfollowed you on Twitter. The app also provides the info if someone blocked your account.

Also, Who Unfollowed Me tracks both your unfollowers and new followers in a period. Who Unfollowed Me is a freemium tool, which means it has both free and premium versions. Frankly, I don’t recommend this tool as the others.

12) Statusbrew

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Statusbrew is a powerful social media management tool that enables you to unify your social inbox to work on an automated dashboard. With Statusbrew, you can monitor and remove all your unfollowers and inactive accounts you follow with a few clicks. Besides, you can schedule your posts to share on multiple social media platforms at the same time. However, Statusbrew has no free version, and its pricing plans start at $25/month. and currently they depricated unfollow services from their tool. They don’t have such an feature now.

13) Audiense

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Audiense is just a Twitter unfollow tool. The app presenst a comprehensive social media management service. Alongside the unfollow tool, it allows you manage your Twitter account with various analytics tools which is crucial for increasing social media oriented conversions in online marketing.

Audiense has a clear interface to use smoothly. It presents a super useful chatbot option.

Note: Before deciding to unfollow who unfollowed you, consider Twitter Policies that delivers:

“We monitor all accounts for aggressive following and follow churn (repeatedly following and unfollowing large numbers of other accounts). You can read more about these below, but if you don’t follow or unfollow hundreds of accounts in a single day, and you aren’t using automated methods of following accounts, you should be fine.”

Source: https://help.twitter.com/mr/rules-and-policies/twitter-following-rules

Wrapping Up

It is a smart act to unfollow the non-followers of Twitter so that you can stay away from those spammy Twitter account. Besides, you can only follow Twitter accounts that provide value to build an authentic profile. So, don’t waste your time and go for any of these apps and dig in unfollowing your non-followers on Twitter as soon as possible.

You can directly unfollow unfollowers or those who are not following you back with these tools we have listed. Circleboom comes to the forefront because of its detailed interface and many other management facilities it has. If you are looking for a full-fledged social media management tool, Circleboom would be a perfect choice for you. To learn about that all-in-one social media tool, let’s give it a try.

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