Delete your Twitter History in 5 steps

Your number of followers and the quality of tweets are two primary metrics that help people gauge your Twitter account. Many times, we are stuck with many old tweets and retweets that do not add value to our Twitter account but are too time-consuming to delete. 

The tweets and retweets might not be adding any value to your Twitter account because:

  • You want to be reborn on Twitter and clearly don’t want any old stuff up there.
  • You’re not associated with the same industry or business as your old tweets reflect you to be.
  • You might not want to keep tweets from particular accounts in your Twitter timeline with whom you are not connected anymore.

You might have many reasons to get rid of your tweets but no easy way to do this. If you have already tried, you would know Twitter allows you to delete only one tweet at a time. So, what’s the way out? Is there the quickest way to delete tweets and delete retweets at once.

There’s a social media app, Circleboom, that lets you delete all your tweets in the fastest and simplest way possible. Let’s look at how can you use this tool to delete tweets and retweets: 

Delete Tweets with Circleboom

Circleboom has a really amazing feature that lets you delete all old tweets from your Twitter archive. Once you have your Twitter archive, you can proceed to Circleboom and select “My Tweets” and select “Delete Old Tweets.” All old tweets, retweets, and replies that you have posted ever since your Twitter account was created can be deleted. 

With the filters, you can also delete tweets between specific dates or tweets in a particular language and keywords. If you want to delete all your old tweets or thousands of tweets at once, this feature is extremely handy. 

If you don’t want to delete all tweets, you can also search for specific tweets and delete them together. Here’s how to delete tweets with Circleboom:

  1. Login to the Circleboom dashboard by authenticating your Twitter account. 
  2. From the Circleboom menu, click on “My Tweets” and select “Delete Tweets.”
  3. Your last 3,200 tweets will be listed by Circleboom. If you want to delete all tweets, you can just click on “Delete All Tweets” at the top and get rid of all of them.
  4. If you only want to delete selected tweets, you can search for keywords in the grid power search and Circleboom will filter your results. Click on the checkbox to select tweets and select “Delete Selected” to delete them. 
  5. If you want to delete tweets individually, just click on the Delete button next to each tweet to delete them. 

What might take hours on Twitter is taken care of by Circleboom in minutes. Once you delete a tweet or all tweets from Circleboom, you cannot recover it, as the tweets are permanently deleted. So, be certain before you delete your tweets. 

Delete Retweets with Circleboom

Just like delete tweets, you can also delete retweets with Circleboom. You can use the retweet function exactly as the delete function.

To delete your retweets, go to the Circleboom menu, select “My Tweets” and select “Delete Retweets.” Then you can choose to delete all or delete selected using the grid power search. 

If you’re not sure of deleting a retweet, you can click on the blue eye icon next to the tweet to view it on Twitter. Once confirmed, you can click on the red delete button to delete retweets quickly. 

Circleboom has also a hands-on video to download and delete your Twitter archive here. You can also read the details: How to Delete your Twitter Archive/ History

To Begin:

You can begin using these Circleboom features by subscribing to Circleboom’s free plan. By selecting this plan, you will also get access to other features like Twitter scheduling, and follower management. So, go ahead and give it a try so you can manage and grow your Twitter account at your convenience. 

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